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Sounding Taps...
A Duty of Remembrance

A New Book
Robin Turner

Author's Official Website


To the Honor Guards

of the United States Armed Forces

    In recognition of your devotion to the

    Duty of Remembrance, this book is            humbly dedicated on this 11th day of        November, 2021, the 100th Anniversary

    of the Tomb of the Unknown Solder.


                    — Robin L. Turner

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This is one beautiful book!

   The bugler ghosted on his country's "ragged old flag" will beckon you with echoes of Taps from beyond the stunning, black, matte-finished hard cover. Inside, richly illustrated with full-color pictures, you'll find stories of service men and women who didn’t know they were heroes. You’ll read, you'll reflect, but you won't want to put it on the shelf when you’re done. This book will no doubt find a place on your coffee table where the inquiring will join the author on tour,

Sounding Taps.

Foreword by Tom Day, Founder of
Bugles Across America

Dear Friends:

     I am honored to have this opportunity to welcome you to a wonderful experience.

     I confess that while I have never met the author in person,  I’ve kept abreast of his adventures with “Buzz” Bugle and his volunteer hours serving the mission of Bugles Across America (BAA).  He has been sounding Taps on his own and on behalf of hundreds of fallen—not forgotten—everyday heroes.  In this manner, he’s the quintessential BAA member, and is carrying on the mission and tradition of our organization of rendering a continued honor to those who’ve put on the uniform and served our country through many generations.

     When he and ‘Buzz” step up, there’s no battery to blame for failure, no computer chip or disc to hold accountable for a weak sound.   No, when Robin steps up, the 24 notes of Taps truly come from his heart. 

     If that weren’t enough (and it certainly could be),  Robin wrote this book to share his remembrances, and to give back to an organization in which he’s found such fulfillment.

     In certain settings, as you listen to Taps, you’ll find yourself reaching for a tissue.  While the same may well happen with this touching read, don’t be surprised when at the same time the author’s story telling ability also makes you smile.

     Thank you for giving Sounding Taps a read.  I promise once you do, you'll never again take for granted the soldier’s, sailor’s, airman’s, and marine’s last lullaby.




Tom Day


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All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Bugles Across America
(Image Copyrighted)

Hardcover:  $35      Softcover:  $28   

Kindle:  $15

If you would like a handwritten, author-inscribed insert card dedicating your copy of Sounding Taps to or in remembrance of someone special, simply place your order then email names and specifics to Robin at:



Sandra Lee, Journalist (Ret.) Lewiston Tribune Publishing Company

This is not a book to be read quickly. Expect to laugh a little and sometimes cry and to stop and reflect on the ordinary men and women who didn’t know they were heroes. Sounding Taps is the journey of a man who learned to play the bugle to honor those people and the ones he discovered along the way. Each chapter is the memory of an unheralded military veteran who could have been laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Instead, all but one lies in peace in small town or mostly forgotten country graveyards. For some, the visit by this lone bugler is probably the first time since the Civil War or another military service uniquely their own that their ghosts have heard these haunting notes. It also is a salute to those who continue the tradition of honoring our veterans with their service on funeral details. Try as we might, sometimes all we can do is remember and honor that memory and Sounding Taps does that.

Sandra Lee, Journalist (Ret.) Lewiston Tribune Publishing Company

As an amateur student of history tinted by the traditions of West Point, I was already aware that buglers do not “play” the bugle; they “sound” bugle calls.  With that vernacular in mind, Turner’s work may be the Reveille of a new genre of books!  It was a quick read at first, mostly because of the colorful ways he tells the untold stories of little-known men and women who proudly wore their country’s uniform.  I’ll admit to feeling a little sad as I realized most of them never knew the significance of their sacrifices.  But when I turned the last page of The Last Roll Call I realized why he wrote Sounding Taps.  Sometimes, when there’s no longer reason to Sound Assembly, Mail Call, or Call to Quarters, there’s nothing left but to remember.  And Turner has excelled at this by sharing his experiences sounding Taps.  He’s honored a few so the rest of us might remember the many.”


Stephanie A. Morgan, MS, MBA, FRAeS, IAP, CM, ACE

Ohio State University

TAPS Logo.png


“I hope I'm not too late to support your extraordinary work! I so enjoyed reading the stories, and would love to offer a personal message if still of interest.  You know, the fact that the words to TAPS are a poem has been a wonderfully healing experience for our surviving families. Thank you for including the words and making note of the LIVES lived that tell the story behind the headstone.


You are such a gift - bless you.


              Much love,

              Bonnie Carroll

              President & Founder





WOW!  I took a glance at your writing and couldn’t stop!  When completed, you must get this published!!  You are welcome to use Getzen in the writing.

Thank you for your email and your writing!  We all appreciate your thoughtfulness, kindness, patriotism and service to all military and their families.


Getzen and Company, LLC

"A soldier dies twice: once wherever he takes his last breath; and he dies again when he's forgotten."


Robin - Thanks to you, the soldiers in your book live on.

What a remarkable endeavor and beautifully written testament to our heroes.


Thank you.


Carol McCutcheon

National Coordinator

State Director - Ohio

Bugles Across America


We want to congratulate you on the completion of your important book. 

We especially enjoyed reading the excerpt about the role Annin played in the creation of the POW flag.

All the best to you and thank you for your service.

Annin Flagmakers

American Flags, American Made














Sensational, excellent essay on Taps and the many deceased that have been honored with Taps as they were laid to their final resting place!

Love your titles for each chapter and the very appropriate images that accompany your text.  If your personal playing of Taps is anything like your writing, then, you must be an excellent Bugler.  God bless you for your efforts, research, and comfort to those present during the service of their loved ones!

David W. Demmy, Sr., National Executive Director 

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War 

Organized 1881 – Legal heir of the Grand Army of the Republic


A Word from the Bugler


I didn’t come to toot my own horn.  That would be a short song,  indeed.  I came to the world of the bugle quite sentimentally.  I’d never acknowledged how ten years military service over 30 years ago had changed me.  I ignored the hole in my heart once filled by the very best of our country’s men and women.  And I’d taken for granted the special camaraderie that once severed leaves you empty.  So, I was surprised when decades later, I picked up my own bugle and discovered my heart was more at

peace than at any time since the last time I wore the uniform and listened to a bugle call echoing across a military installation now long ago.


No, I really didn’t come to toot my own horn.  I came to pay tribute to those whose service left a mark.  I came to remember those I’ve never met, those with whom I have so much in common.  I came to share some of their lives, and if in so doing their memory lives on, they will, too.



A Word from the Bugler
Readers Comments

Readers Comments
(Authenticated/Privacy Protected)

    "I just received what can only be described as a treasured heirloom!! I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful book and incredible dedication. Just wow!  So very impressive (even though you'd look better in an Air Force uniform! Just kidding of course ....if you ever need a field drummer it would be an honor to be a Private in ranks with you...!"


   "I  received your book, and it is marvelous!  Good Job, You make the stories come alive. I am taking my time reading It and enjoying every single word."


  "My copy of your beautiful book was delivered to my doorstep today.   Thank you!

  Only problem is that I'm not getting my work done as a result of sitting here pouring through the material (yes, some for the 3rd or 4th time).

  Once again I send heartfelt thanks and admiration for this wonderful album of tribute you have assembled.   I've said before, but will certainly repeat....  this was, and continues to be, no small or insignificant undertaking on your part. "


   "Your book arrived today. [It's] my book now and I will cherish it dearly especially with the lovely message you wrote for me. It’s beautiful. The cover art work is so well thought out and spot on. I’m going to savor every story and comment.  You have completed an amazing mission. Congratulations!

    I hope you won’t mind but I intend to post something on Facebook about this achievement. I truly believe all citizens of our country should spend some time between your pages and celebrate our fallen service members and your dedication to not let them be forgotten. In short I want to blow my horn about you blowing yours..."


Robin, I received your book, and started reading it. Each chapter is a new adventure. Also, thank you for sounding TAPS in honor of my Dad. It really means a lot to me.


There are no words that can describe how truly honored we are in receiving this book.  You possess such a blessed gift in writing, portraying stories of each of the Fallen Heroes in such ways that their memories have been brought to the surface where they will always be remembered and never forgotten.


   "The book arrived and all I can say is thank you.  It is amazing...and yes, this old sap shed a few tears of gratitude."


   "It made me cry its that good.........."


     "I just ordered my copy, you should too!!

What a noble cause, working to make sure TAPS is played live, rather than recording. As it should be!  If it can't be live when I'm gone, I'd just as soon you play a recording of Highway to Hell!"


Just opened the envelope...thank you for the wonderful dedication it will take me a long time to read this, I teared up over the preface. Thank you, too, for your efforts to honor veterans...


I’m reading it now between services at the cemetery. You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me tear up (never say cry), you’ve made me

Incredibly proud of the service we perform for veterans! And I’m only half-way through it!


Just received mine and it is SO NICE! I couldn’t bring myself to leave it at home where I have no visitors to share it. I ended up placing it in my office reception [area] right below my flag flown for me on a mission over Afghanistan. I cherish this tribute book and all the knowledge and honor shown within its covers.

Thanks Robin Lee Turner!




           For all inquiries, email Robin at

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